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musings of a hopeless romantic.

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Hi everyone! My name is Isabella and I’m an almost adult (scary!) living in America! I’m interested in a lot of things, but I mostly am focused around art in all its forms: music, literature, illustration, film, and so on. I have a pet cat named Lilly who seems to dislike me— though for some reason she follows me everywhere— and an annoying younger brother. I’d say my dream is to live a small town life in England, where I’d study English lit and wear cute clothes and have a cozy, little apartment to share with my feline companion. Also, one big fact about me is that I’m a romantic. A hopeless one.

Tea is vastly preferred over coffee (anyone who doesn’t share this sentiment is worthless). Some languages I want to master at some point are French, Mandarin, Russian, and Greek. I love the smell of old books and I could spend hours just browsing the aisles at a bookstore. I daydream way too often for my own good. I am forgetful. I love creative writing, but am terrible at essays. I am most alive in winter. Pride and Prejudice is my favorite thing ever.

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a room with a view (1985), abel korzeniowski, agnes obel, akiko shikata, american beauty (1999), amélie (2001), anamanaguchi, arctic monkeys, art, astrid s, atonement (2007), birdy, black swan (2010), blackbear, books, caro emerald, cats, chopin, classical, crimson peak (2015), daughter, daydreaming, dead poets society (1989), dean lewis, ed sheeran, ferris bueller's day off (1986), fiction, gabrielle aplin, grimes, he is we, heathers (1988), hey violet, howl's moving castle (2004), illustration, iu, kodaline, languages, les yeux sans visage (1960), letter writing, lights & motion, literature, ludovico einaudi, marian hill, midnight in paris (2011), movies, music, nina nesbitt, poetry, postmodern jukebox, pride and prejudice (2005), priscilla ahn, purity ring, reading, regina spektor, romanticizing, saint–saëns, seven lions, slacking, sleeping at last, stoker (2013), stromae, tea, the civil wars, the favourite (2018), the neighbourhood, the vaccines, transviolet, travel, traveling, vampire weekend, watercolor painting, writing, zella day
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